• What is Motor Comprehensive?

This policy cover:

  • Accidental/Fire damage to your vehicle
  • Loss of vehicle or spare parts/accessories
  • Protection and removal after accident
  • Third party liabilities (Damage to property, death or bodily injury).
  • Riot and strike cover(non –political)
  • Medical expenses cover up to a stated limit(private cars only)
  • Authority to repair damage to vehicle up to a stated limit
  • What is Motor Third Party?

This policy covers legal liability in respect of death of or bodily injury to any person and damage to the third party property

  • What should I do when I get an accident?

Motor Claims.
Immediately Action
In event of any occurrence that may give rise to a claim: Insured must immediately notify Phares Insurance Brokers and within 14 days of the occurrence present a claim in writing to the Insurance Company

In respect of the theft claims.

  • Notification must be within 48 hours of the occurrence
  • Notification must be made to the police immediately
  • All measures must be taken that can reasonably be seen to minimise the loss
  • No admissions of liability must be made to third parties. Instead all third party claims must be referred to Phares Insurance Brokers.

In the event of accident damage, the vehicle must be made available to
Insurance Company Limited as soon as possible after the accident.


Non Motor.
Immediately Action.
Insured must immediately notify the Insurance Company and within 14 days of the occurrence, present a claim in writing. Notification must be made to the Police immediately in respect of theft and Break-Insurance


  • Which claims documents are needed?

Motor Claims:

  • Claim Form
  • Repair Quotation
  • Copy of Driving Licence
  • Copy of certificate of registration
  • Sketch Map
  • Vehicle Inspection Report
  • Police Report PF 90
  • Police Report PF 115
  • Charge sheet(Motor Third party Claim)
  • Court Judgement(Motor Third party Claim)
  • Original Certificate of Registration(Theft/Total loss claim)
  • Ignition keys (Theft/Total loss claim)


Non Motor Claims:

  • Claim Form
  • Police Report
  • Any other documents to support the claim


  • Will my insurance compensate me in case of accident?

The compensation will be based on the terms and conditions as shown in the insurance contract.


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