As a client it is important that our insurance broker has a strong understanding of our business and reviews everything we do from a risk and insurance perspective. We also need timely assistance when we make a claim or acquire a new asset. Phares understands exactly what we need and reacts quickly and promptly to our requests, usually within the same day. We can rest easy knowing that Andrew and his team have our insurance covered.

Hellen Mzava, HR & Administration Manager

It’s important when engaging an insurance broker that they understand the risks associated with your business and can tailor policies accordingly to match your needs. Phares does exactly this, giving us confidence and peace of mind that our business is adequately protected. Phillip and his team provide prompt and efficient service and will go the extra mile to give us the latest advice.

Anthony Dawsony, Country Accountant

I have placed the Company Motor vehicle Insurances with Phares Insurance brokers for the past 5 years. I have found their response to situations fast and professional, their insurance knowledge is excellent, claims procedures second to none & the whole team are a pleasure to do business with

Rueben Mhuza, Head of Procurement

The success of our business is largely attributed to the fact that we employ the best people possible for the job at hand. Insurance is no different, and over the last five years Phares Insurance has shown time and time again their understanding of our business and industry, making them the best team to look after our insurance needs. The simple fact is that they take care of our insurance so that we can concentrate on doing what we do best

Richard Kerissa, Head of Procurement Management Unit